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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is smartgkid ?

    Smartgkid is a web site that attempts to impart general knowledge to students on a daily basis.
  1. Why general Knowledge ?

    The global economy is currently undergoing a fundamental transformation. The country is in need of such high quality individuals at all levels in future. Thousands of graduates are coming out of colleges every year in India. A chosen few are able to get into high profile careers and others are in search of the ever-elusive jobs. Though all the graduates possess the same degree of qualification and equal level of subject knowledge, one basic thing separates them. The level of General Knowledge they have.
  1. Why on a daily basis?

    General Knowledge is a very vast subject. A student cannot understand or assimilate the entire knowledge in a single session or a single day.
  1. How much in a single day ?

    The inputs or given based on the age group and class of study of the student. For example the fifth and the sixth standard students are given fifteen questions in a day ?
  1. How many such groups are there ?

    There are five groups as per the details given below.

I,II,III - Smartgkid.com ( Junior )

IV,V - Smartgkid.com ( Senior )




Fifth & Sixth
Fifteen (15)


Seventh & Eighth

Twenty (20)


Ninth & Tenth

Twenty Five (25)


Eleventh & Twelth

Thirty (30)



Fifty (50)

  1. How many topics are covered ?

    All conceivable topics on general knowledge are covered.
  1. How many questions are there ?

    There are more than 35,000 questions and answers are available. In addition extra information is made available on the question. Kindly check the demo for this.
  1. Does the student need to spend on the net everyday of the year?

    No. We expect the student to spend about 250 to 300 days in a year. Leaving enough time for exam time , travel or any uneventful sickness.
  1. What happens to the questions on the day the student is unable to login ?

    The student loses nothing. When the student logs in after a gap of few days or more the student’s session will start from the point where last left. Individual monitoring of the student’s progress is done.
  1. When all the information is available on the net why should one subscribe to smartgkid ?

    It is true that a plethora of vast information is available in the Internet. The students invariably get confused with the ocean of data in front of them. Since the information is neither structured nor monitored, there is a strong possibility of the students getting into undesirable websites , thus defeating the very purpose of seeking knowledge. smartgkid gives structured and monitored information.
  1. What about Encyclopedia ?

    When the students turn to Encyclopedia for seeking knowledge due to parental or peer pressure , they are at a loss to understand – where to begin , what to learn , what is necessary and what is not. This results in student giving it up after a few days.
  1. Is there a fixed time on every day for the student to get access ?

    No. The student can log in to the site at any convenient time of the day/night. The student can access the next set of questions and answers only on the next calendar day.
  1. Can a student go back to the completed question and answer sessions?

    Yes. The student can go back to the archives.
  1. How is this useful ?

    This is useful to all the students to compete in interviews; various quiz programmes and civil service exams etc….
  1. Why should one pay for information that is freely available ?

    The information that is presented in this website is a result of years of painstaking research by highly qualified individuals. The information is structured to suit the needs of student community covering all topics of general Interest. Imagine the time and cost one has to  access the net. The cost will run up to several times. One can also earn substantial money becoming a PEPSIP member.

  2. How will I Earn Money by becoming a PEPSIP Member ?

    Click to Know How ?


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