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" Mr.D.Sanjeev Rao ,
CEO of smartgkid.com receiving the
All India Best Young Manager Award
from the Union Minister Sri Pranab Mukherjee at Vigyan Bhavan,New Delhi in the Year 1980."
"Mr.D.Sanjeev Rao ,
CEO of smartgkid.com receives the
letter from Mr. N.R Narayan Murthy
Chairman of THE Board, INFOSYS"

"Press Coverage in Prajavani - Kannada Daily  dated 23-10-2006"


Which is the wire used in a Bulb ?
Who invented Television ?
Name the planet that was disqualified ?
A number of questions like these are asked in many interviews. More often the candidates blink for an answer and lower their heads.

What is the solution for this ?

There are many books of Knowledge and Encyclopedia available. But how to read them and what to grasp and remember is a problem faced by many a student. Where to start , what to absorb ,how much to read are the many questions that remain unanswered.

Smartgkid.com has come out with a solution for the students. It has provided a unique solution to train students in a systematic and planned way to acquire general knowledge.

There is a plan and a system to provide questions , answers and related information in a unique way to the students in a controlled manner depending on the age and the class of study.

Many schools provide the students the lessons as per the stipulated syllabus and wash-off their hands . Due to this the students, after their education find it difficult to face the interviews of job selection.

To eliminate this problem faced by many, Universal Knowledge Enterprises, Bangalore has provided a solution through “smartgkid.com” according to Mr. D.Sanjeev rao , the CEO of the company.

There is no opportunity currently available to learn general knowledge in a regular manner on a daily basis. Schools teach other subjects as per the curriculum. Due to this students are deprived of much needed general knowledge.
The information that is available in Encyclopedia or the internet is very vast and is not organized for regular study. A plethora of information that is available in the internet and other books actually leave the students confused. There is also a strong possibility of students visiting undesirable websites. Organized learning is the key says Mr. Sanjeev Rao.

The information available on the internet and the encyclopedia is not in any regulated format to make easy for students. They also do not provide adequate and necessary information depending on the age and class of study. They do not have a monitoring system either. All these inadequacies are eliminated in learning through smartgkid.com.

Registered students get 15 questions per day per session. The next session of questions is made available on the next calendar day. Students can login for 250 to 300 days in a year. A data base of 30,000 questions, answers and other related information is available on the website to facilitate regular learning of General Knowledge.

In addition there is a facility for students to spot and report a polluting vehicle. Involvement leads to evolvement of better citizens of tomorrow according to Sanjeev.

For More information visit : www.smartgkid.com

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