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      :: The Most Beautiful Thing About Learning is that it can not be Stolen ::  The Child has a Right to Know - To fulfill it is Parents Responsibility  ::  Do your children have access to a computer at home? Are you happy with the way they use it? Are they being creative or spending endless hours on mindless games?


Smartgkid.com is a General  Knowledge website  that is launched by Universal Knowledge Enterprises, Bangalore.

The Product contains over 35000+ Questions, Answers and Related Information covering various topics on interest generally known as General Knowledge.

  1. Majority of the Schools today do not teach General Knowledge as a topic of Regular Curriculum.

  2. It is up to the Individual students additional efforts to acquire information that will be necessary when they grow up.

  3. These Students turn to Encyclopedia and the Internet to acquire Additional Knowledge either due to Parental Pressure.

  4. A Plethora of vast information is available in Encyclopedia and the Internet. Invariably the students get confused with the ocean of data in front of them.
  5. The Students are at a loss of understand - where to begin, what to learn, what is necessary and what is not ?

This invariably results in students giving up or in worst cases visit "undesirable internet websites"  thus defeating the very purpose of acquiring General Knowledge.

The lacuna in the above system is the lack of guidance either from parents or teachers. In today's scenario when both the parents work, it is difficult for them to spend time with their children leave alone teaching them.

You will feel the difference when you visit www.smartgkid.com

The information is structured in a non- repetitive manner to make it interesting. Only adequate and necessary information is made available to the students at different levels depending on their requirement

Once the student finishes his session for the day, the next session is made available only on the next calendar day.

Since the inputs are given on a daily basis the student is able to understand and retain in memory and will be able to recall whenever necessary. This enables the students to assimilate what they learnt without posing an additional burden.

Smartgkid.com will also be monitoring the progress made by each student.


I,II,III - Smartgkid.com ( Junior )

IV,V - Smartgkid.com ( Senior )

*I- 5 & 6 Standard    |II- 7 & 8th Standard |III- 9th & 10 Standard |IV- 11th - 12th Standard |V- Those pursuing graduation

Questions / day
Days a Year
Time to Complete
Membership Fee
15 Questions
300 Days
7 + years
Rs 1250
20 Questions
300 Days
5 + years
Rs 1750
25 Questions
300 Days
4 + years
Rs 2250
30 Questions
300 Days
3 + years
Rs 3000
50 Questions
300 Days
2 + years
Rs 4000

The contents in each category is same. Only the number of questions per day will defer.

FOR FURTHER DETAILS CONTACT  : sales@smartgkid.com

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